• Lavender Mask Spray

Lavender Mask Spray

Your mask never smelled so good! 

What it does:
1) Freshens your mask, making it smell so good and helps you relax during this stressful season.(Organic Lavender Essential Oil)
2) It sanitizes the mask, helping you stay safe and clean from viruses. (68% alcohol volume + hydrogen peroxide, and tea tree hydrosol)
3) Increases the effectiveness of disposal masks after repeat usages
4) Helps extend the number of uses of your cloth mask between washes
5) Gives you peace of mind!
How to use it:
1) Remove your mask at a socially distance range from others
2) Spray 2-3 times on the front and inside of the mask
3) Fan the mask to help air dry (about 15 seconds)
4) Apply mask and enjoy all that freshness!
**Ingredients: 99% isopropyl alcohol, tea tree hydrosol, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, lavender essential oil**



  • $7.99